SODT Class

Class Descriptions

Dance Fundamentals: A program for young dancers designed to develop musicality, coordination and increased attention spans through basic ballet and modern dance exercises.

Prep Ballet & Tap: A program designed to introduce ballet and tap exercises that foster body coordination and rhythmic awareness.

Ballet & Tap Basics: Building upon the skills learned in the previous level(s), dancers will learn basic ballet and tap techniques and develop an awareness of movement through tumbling and basic modern dance principles.

Sec. 1: Exposes dancers to the grace, control and structure of dance, with an emphasis on terminology, musicality and rhythm.

Sec. 2: Dancers who have studied for at least two years, become familiar with correct structural and muscular placement, and learn the terminology specific to the discipline.

Sec. 3: Dancers with at least three years of experience and have a strong understanding of basic technique and will work to increase their strength, flexibility and coordination.

Sec. 4: An advanced program where dancers work toward strengthening their technique and developing artistic skills.

Sec. 5: A two year program designed expose dancers to new techniques, refine ballet, tap and jazz techniques and develop performance skills.

Scholars & Company: An advanced curriculum-based program designed for the dedicated dancer, includes Ballet, Modern and Jazz.

African Dance: Studio One is now offering African Dance for Adults and Children Ages 4-17. Experience the spirit of Africa through movement and music. Join us for this upbeat and rhythmic class that will surely nourish your mind, body, and soul.