Studio One Dance Theatre recitals and classes

The Studio One Mission

We’re Chicago’s premier children’s dance school. And we’re on a mission.

For 26 years, Studio One Dance Theatre (SODT) has leaped across the bounds of formal dance education in Chicago, providing technical dance training in an environment that nurtures and supports each student. Our prestigious reputation stems from a talented staff of professional dancers who have an ability to give students the tools needed to excel in the arts, and learn that they can achieve anything. It’s a dynamic vision for children’s dance training that strikes the perfect balance between proper instruction and the pure joy of movement.


Where dance teachers become mentors.

Our hand-picked staff of dance instructors transcend the traditional role of educator. As professional dancers themselves – many with degrees in dance – each instructor combines their own professional background with a unique ability to infuse cultural awareness, social justice and responsibility, and professional development into their teaching. This dynamic approach allows students to discover how dance can truly unveil possibilities for today and beyond.